Qualifications + Fitness

Proper fitness is essential for enjoying your time on the mountain. As part of your AspireAlpine experience, you will be provided customized fitness goals appropriate for your trip.

We will continue adding content to facilitate your fitness goals. As we develop the fitness component of the AspireAlpine website, please check back for climbing-specific exercise plans. However, the most important element of your fitness will be a strong aerobic base. Therefore, augment your current training with mountaineering-specific exercises that increase your cardiovascular fitness. These exercises can include stair-climbing , elliptical training, and plyometric exercises, like jump-squats and box-jumps. Weight training that strengthens the legs, glutes and core will be essential. Although you will be carrying a backpack on your trip, resist the temptation to carry weight during these exercises until you have established a strong level of fitness.

Descriptions of specific exercises and workouts will be added here soon. If you have any questions about appropriate exercises and programs for mountaineering, please feel free to contact us at von@aspirealpine.com.